Jumpy 53

Our Helpers

This page is just to mention all the people that helped us to get the car to the events and with out the feedback and support they give us we wouldn't be out there having a go. So in advance thanks.


Don Atkinson. My father and number one pit crew man! He is at every event with me and puts in more time than anybody on making the car right. He is always looking at ways to improve the car and always keen to try new things.

Marian Atkinson. My other half. Seen in some of the photos on this site working!! Thats right, She is quite keen to get involved and get her hands dirty. You will see her up the top cheering with my Dad at every event. She gives me plenty of support and loves to get out there and see me do well (even though it's not a ford).

Fred Lister. Fred has been with us, Helping and offering great advice from day one. He is always looking around for improvements and is often seen in the pits with us. He has been unbelievable with his help when it comes to sponsorship and has been able to get some great sponsors for us. Fred is always keen to find that part that can't be found and I would say he spends more money in phone calls finding it than what the part is worth. If I had to say Team Manager, it would be Fred for sure! 

Dean Lillie. From BC Automotive and Marine. He was the most important person in our development. We built an awesome engine and had a fantastic car, then Dean came along and made that car handle. He is an unbelievable driver and knows what he is doing when it comes to the racing scene. He has helped me in my development and driving along the way too and I owe him a lot for the success that we have had.

Kevin Mackrell. Kevin has come on board for 2013 and has built us a new power plant producing fantastic HP. Kevin is a master at building engines and knows exactly what combo's work. He put his first engine together at the age of just 6 years old!!! He is also a very handy driver himself and runs the V8 Powered 260Z Datsun at hill-climbs and sprints. Check out his video's on you tube by searching his name, It's sure to impress.

Stathi Kavadias. Stathi from Independent Motorsport has tuned our car for the 2013 season. He is fantastic fabricator and has done some works of art with our car this year. He puts in 110% every time to make sure it works first time every time. Check out his website on the links page and see how he and the team at Independent Motorsport can help you.

Tony Andronaco. Tony from North Suburban Autos has been a major part in our racing from day dot. He is one of the few mechnaics out there that knows whats going on. He is old school and very clever and is also mobile. He will come to you and fix your car. You can often see him at the track keeping the team going.

Dave Mercuri. The man at Bell Autolec has been a fantastic help to us with our racing and the problems that occur all too frequently. If you need some help with your cars electricals give him a call and get the right advice everytime.